It’s A Dry Heat

I technically live in what’s considered a desert. A lot of the times it feels like one with how hot it gets, and when people say the sun is different, it is definitely different. I used to live in the Midwest where it was humid and would rain all the time. I love that rain, and I do miss it, and here it rarely ever rains. You see sprinklers on all the time because that’s the only water that “grass” is technically going to get. You actually see dust storms, and dust tornadoes and even get the tumbleweeds literally blowing across the streets. The movies of westerns are true to their word, and it’s definitely different than the Midwest. People like to have a saying though which is, “But it’s a dry heat”, as if that makes a difference. It’s very laughable because no matter what kind of heat it is, it still is not very pleasant.

I definitely don’t know what a real true desert is like, because honestly when I think of a desert I think of Egypt and sand dunes all over. Being stranded in the hot dying sun and seeing mirages of hope for water. I definitely would never want to be stranded in a desert that’s for sure. The western deserts definitely are no fun to drive through as well. If you’re going through Nevada prepare for torture, and make sure you have enough caffeine. It feels like you are driving forever, almost like you really are stranded in the sand dunes of hell, going on and on forever, never escaping. The only cool thing, was like what I mentioned earlier, which was seeing dust tornadoes every now and then in the day time. Besides that though, and especially if you’re used to it, definitely not something to look forward to.

Deserts don’t always have to be a bad thing, but most of the time that’s how they are looked at and portrayed. When people think of deserts they mainly think of being stranded with no water, and feel so dehydrated and tired. I feel like you could almost use feeling like a desert as an expression of emotion. Feeling so drained and tired, or even abandoned and lost. Feeling like you’re seeing a happy future of mirages only to be solely disappointed to find out, it is in fact just a mirage. So there are definitely many ways to look at this word, and how someone responds to it, will always be different. There may be some similarities, but all in all the thought process won’t be completely the same. That’s the reason for writing, and to have people read your writings. It’s good for opinions, everyone has one, but it won’t always be the same as your own. Just know though, how ever you portray a word or idea, just because it is different than someone else’s or even a large majority of people, doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

“But It’s a Dry Heat”

The desert sun blazes down, and all around me there is no one. The sand seems thick, there’s just so much, to walk or stay? I just don’t know, it all seem so unreal, I feel like I have been going on forever. This is what life is like, it surrounds you and pulls you near, it gives you hope and crushes dreams. The desert can be quickly assumed as the same thing we view as life. Take it slow, and don’t rush things, one step in front of the other. To stay means nothing improves, and to go at least there is a chance. You will encounter many mirages that just seem to good to be real, but don’t let that deter you away from your goals you wish to accomplish. Behind those mirages, those sand dunes, and that desert sun, is something great that will unfold for you and everyone.


Desert-It’s A Dry Heat


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