The Storm Inside

“What inside you is making such an impact?” She sit’s in silence as if she never heard a word come from my mouth. I try to ask something else.

“Why do you do these things to yourself?” Still nothing.

“What could be triggering these thoughts that progress? ” Her eyes shift in my direction, and I slightly move in excitement for a possible response. She sighs and moves her eyes back in the direction she was first facing. 

I take a deep breath and look in the opposite direction as her. I feel defeated and it can be heard in my breathing.

“I understand that, there is more than one answer to these questions, and I’m not looking for just response.” I spoke quietly, as if it was almost a whisper. “But at least any response is better than none.” I shift my eyes towards her to see if there is any type of reaction, and of course there was not. Now that I feel completely defeated, I look towards the ground. I stay quiet for a while, and just listen. I listen to the wind as it rustles the leaves on the tree’s. I hear her breathing mixed with mine, and I see the dirt on the ground swirling as the wind sends it to its next destination. I feel like I can almost hear our heart beats tune in sync with each other that’s how silent it is.

I finally hear an intake of breath, and I quickly lift my head up to see if there’s a response about to be said. She hasn’t even moved, so I continue to just sit and listen.

“There’s a storm inside.” She says. It was so soft, and so quiet that I swear it was just another gust of wind passing by. I look in her direction and she is finally looking at me. I look at her in question, begging her to continue.

She doesn’t. She just sits in silence, and I’m left in question. I guess I can take that as I want, and make some assumptions, but in reality, that answer was enough. That was probably the best answer that could be given from someone in her position. So I left it at that, and we continued in silence.


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