A Link Between Darkness and Light

There’s days where I can see the light, and then there are days where everything has gone dark. Even though it may be pitch black I still walk forward because I know there will be a light at some point. That light will eventually lead me on a path, where I will find the bridge that I will cross, and all of my accomplishments will come to a head. I will be shown that pushing forward and struggling has eventually paid off. There is light, there is a path, there is a bridge to cross, and there is a finish line. Everyone’s path is different, just like everyone’s bridge to cross. It doesn’t matter how you got there, it’s just as long as you did.


As I was walking along the road, everything around me was blurred. It was dark, and I was cold and alone. I couldn’t see any of my surroundings, and I wasn’t really sure where I was. I kind of just woke up, walking around in the dark, in a daze. Figuring walking was probably better than standing or sitting around. At least I would get somewhere, eventually. There was no sound, not even a gust of wind, it was absolutely still. I was really hoping I was just dreaming, because everything felt so unreal. I tried to look around to see if something, anything, would come into sight. There had to be a way out of here, wherever here was. As I continued to walk, memories started to rush through me. They were all happening to quickly that I  couldn’t make them out. I was hoping I could at least make one out, because then maybe this would help me get out of this place. My head started to throb as the memories kept pounding into my head. I held my head as I continued to walk forward, but it’s getting harder with how much my head is hurting. I fall to the ground holding my head in pain trying to hold back tears, when suddenly they just stop. I slowly remove my hands from my head and look up. In front of me I can finally see a light that is illuminating a bridge. I smile and quickly rise to my feet as I begin to run towards the lighted bridge. “I knew if I just kept walking I would finally make it to an exit or something!,” I thought to myself. As I finally reached the bridge I noticed that there was only light on the bridge. I couldn’t see past the bridge, and I couldn’t see behind me. It was as if the bridge was literally placed in the middle of nowhere, leading nowhere. I slowly walked onto the bridge, reaching out onto the middle to see if maybe I could see past it, but still there was nothing. I was extremely confused, and very disappointed. I thought this was my way out, but it was just an abandoned bridge to mock me. I sighed and looked around me. Still seeing black I figured I might as well just walk over the bridge for laughs and giggles. I have to keep moving forward, even if this was a distraction, it did help the memories from coming. I began walking forward again only to be greeted by a blinding bright light as a stepped off the bridge. I covered my eyes with my arm, allowing myself to adjust to what just happened. It was all so dark, and there was nothing, I saw it with my own eyes, but yet, when I continued walking there was a paradise like no other. I looked behind me to see if the darkness was still there, but I was surrounded by light and beauty. The bridge was next to a waterfall, leading over a river of perfect blue water. There was green everywhere, and the tree’s leaves were gold. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing with my eyes. I was lost, but I kept going, and I am so thankful I kept going because I finally reached what I had been looking for. I finished crossing the bridge, and the moment my feet stepped off the bridge, my memories came to. I could finally remember where I had come from, and where I was going, and it all became so clear. I smiled, took in the sun, and ran to my new paradise. I was happy, and I was finally free.