A Link Between Darkness and Light

There’s days where I can see the light, and then there are days where everything has gone dark. Even though it may be pitch black I still walk forward because I know there will be a light at some point. That light will eventually lead me on a path, where I will find the bridge that I will cross, and all of my accomplishments will come to a head. I will be shown that pushing forward and struggling has eventually paid off. There is light, there is a path, there is a bridge to cross, and there is a finish line. Everyone’s path is different, just like everyone’s bridge to cross. It doesn’t matter how you got there, it’s just as long as you did.


As I was walking along the road, everything around me was blurred. It was dark, and I was cold and alone. I couldn’t see any of my surroundings, and I wasn’t really sure where I was. I kind of just woke up, walking around in the dark, in a daze. Figuring walking was probably better than standing or sitting around. At least I would get somewhere, eventually. There was no sound, not even a gust of wind, it was absolutely still. I was really hoping I was just dreaming, because everything felt so unreal. I tried to look around to see if something, anything, would come into sight. There had to be a way out of here, wherever here was. As I continued to walk, memories started to rush through me. They were all happening to quickly that I  couldn’t make them out. I was hoping I could at least make one out, because then maybe this would help me get out of this place. My head started to throb as the memories kept pounding into my head. I held my head as I continued to walk forward, but it’s getting harder with how much my head is hurting. I fall to the ground holding my head in pain trying to hold back tears, when suddenly they just stop. I slowly remove my hands from my head and look up. In front of me I can finally see a light that is illuminating a bridge. I smile and quickly rise to my feet as I begin to run towards the lighted bridge. “I knew if I just kept walking I would finally make it to an exit or something!,” I thought to myself. As I finally reached the bridge I noticed that there was only light on the bridge. I couldn’t see past the bridge, and I couldn’t see behind me. It was as if the bridge was literally placed in the middle of nowhere, leading nowhere. I slowly walked onto the bridge, reaching out onto the middle to see if maybe I could see past it, but still there was nothing. I was extremely confused, and very disappointed. I thought this was my way out, but it was just an abandoned bridge to mock me. I sighed and looked around me. Still seeing black I figured I might as well just walk over the bridge for laughs and giggles. I have to keep moving forward, even if this was a distraction, it did help the memories from coming. I began walking forward again only to be greeted by a blinding bright light as a stepped off the bridge. I covered my eyes with my arm, allowing myself to adjust to what just happened. It was all so dark, and there was nothing, I saw it with my own eyes, but yet, when I continued walking there was a paradise like no other. I looked behind me to see if the darkness was still there, but I was surrounded by light and beauty. The bridge was next to a waterfall, leading over a river of perfect blue water. There was green everywhere, and the tree’s leaves were gold. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing with my eyes. I was lost, but I kept going, and I am so thankful I kept going because I finally reached what I had been looking for. I finished crossing the bridge, and the moment my feet stepped off the bridge, my memories came to. I could finally remember where I had come from, and where I was going, and it all became so clear. I smiled, took in the sun, and ran to my new paradise. I was happy, and I was finally free.


It Takes A lot of Courage

Trust takes a lot of courage, and a lot of time. It’s something that seems so easy when we are young, but even at a young age it can be broken so quickly. It is something that has to be earned, and something that is hard to come by. I don’t know if anyone can fuller trust someone, especially at the beginning, because we always think there is some sort of motive behind everyone’s intentions. Which is pretty true, everyone does have a motive when first meeting someone, it’s just a matter of what kind of motive they have. I don’t think people purposely go into others lives hoping to hurt that person, but then again  I guess you can be surprised. I think hearing the words, “I trust you,” are so huge, and something a lot of people need to hear. They can also be very dangerous words as well. When you think of trust you can think of it positively or negatively, and that’s the scariest thing of all. It’s not always the other people you have to worry about when it comes to trust. You have to be able to trust yourself as well. It may seem impossible, but a lot of the time you break your own trust through life. If you can’t even trust yourself, who can you trust, and that’s a big question to ask.

Being Together Tears Me The Most

The days we used to be together, were the days that were the best. The smiles, games, trips, friends, and parties that we used to share are now forever lost. The memories will continue to stay and sometimes that’s not always a good thing. They can bring a smile to my face, or a tear to my eye, and even though it’s something I should forget, it isn’t so easy. Remembering the good, and remember the bad, sometimes I get so happy and the rest I’ll get so mad. I feel I made the right decision, but sometimes I wonder if that’s true. There are a lot of unanswered questions that may never get answered, but I’ve got to keep going on. Waiting around is not my specialty, I always have to go. Sometimes I feel being together, is what tears me up the most. Being alone isn’t easy, but neither is being with someone as well. You have to pick your battles, and choose what is really worth it. Being together, or floating down your own path. Who knows what truths await?cherry-blossoms

*Stargazer*It’s been a minute

Oh man, sorry guys, it really has been a minute! I got back from my trip in Tokyo last Friday, and have been trying to settle back in with school, work, and life in general. I have been meaning to write, and now I finally have some time I think I will. The trip to Japan was amazing of course, and everything I had always hoped for plus more. It’s the trip I have always dreamed of doing, and never thought I actually would. It definitely wasn’t long enough, but that’s why we will definitely be going back. There are a lot of places I want to travel to, and I can’t to see all these new and wonderful places. The world is huge, so much bigger than we think, and there are so many different cultures to explore! It’s all really exciting when you think about it, and traveling has always been something I have wanted to do. I don’t want a typical life of working everyday and staying home and settling there is too much out there in the world to do that. So Japan was the first start of it, and that already made us want to just skip coming back home and make a life there. It really was fantastic, and even though we just saw Tokyo this time it was really amazing. It’s totally different there, and you never realize how different something is until you experience it. I am already excited to be able to go back and explore more of Japan. We stayed with AirBNB which was awesome, and our hosts were awesome and really helped make the experience even better. I would totally recommend using AirBNB to anyone who hasn’t yet and is traveling to other countries or areas. It really helps make you feel like you’re living there, and you really get the full experience instead of just a hotel. We did the typical tourist things, and there was a lot of walking. That’s basically all it was except for when we were on the train. I got a nice big blister on my pinky toe, but that didn’t stop me! There was also a lot of sweating from the humidity, and I am pretty sure I lost 20 pounds of body weight in sweat. It was so horrible, and after living in the desert for a couple of years now, you really start to notice the humidity more. I mean I was born and raised in humidity, always used to my hair frizzing and puffing, but now that I am used to it not doing that because it’s so dry, it was definitely another experience. I hate when my hair get frizzy and gross, that’s definitely one thing I don’t miss about the humidity. I also didn’t realize my hair was still capable of doing this because I am already used to the dry air where I live. I do miss though being able to breathe and not having to wake up to a stuffy nose every morning. When I am in a humid place I can breath through out the night, the morning and the day. When I am in a desert, I constantly have to blow my nose, use an inhaler, and barely can sleep because my nose is so stuffed. Anyways, we actually had really good sunny days also, a couple of rainy days that ended basically when we left to go explore the areas. So it ended up being pretty perfect, I just wish we had more time. Next time though for sure we will have more time, and it will be even better! I will show some pictures now!


See how awesome everything is! I took lots of pictures, and gained lots of memories, and this has me so ready to travel even more! This was my first big, out of country trip and it has already opened my eyes. I have gone to the Bahamas before, but this was nothing like that. Well that’s that for now, I have to go back to normal life until I travel again. Next trip will be back home, which isn’t a big trip, but that also depends. We are trying to save up for our big trips, and I am hoping to go to Ireland next! We have someone we work with who really wants to go to Ireland, and I think it would be cool to plan a travel trip together, so we will see! For now it is back to life, reality, and school and make sure I keep my grades up and pass all my classes. I got to sit down and focus more on my Japanese, especially since I don’t see it everyday or hear it everyday, so I have to work extra hard at it! So until next time!

*Stargazer*First Week of Class

So I finally survived my first week of classes! It all went better than I thought, and it gave me some good insight of what the semester will have in store for me! Which is why I dropped one course, and switched for another one! Ha-ha. Mainly just because I work full-time, and I knew I wouldn’t have the time or energy to put forth the full work I know I am capable of towards this course. I wanted to know that I was doing my absolute best in this one class on all my projects. I need to have the time for that, and it’s a new software I am learning so I definitely want to make sure I have the time for that. It won’t hinder me at all, I will still be taking the same credit hours, it will just help me focus more on my other studio class and do the best I can in that one. So I will save it for another semester when I can better plan everything out, and focus on what I need to focus on. It also doesn’t help that I am taking Japanese as my foreign language since I know that’s extra hard, but it is super awesome! I am so excited to take this class, and it is super exciting when you have things memorized and realize you can start reading things in another language! I love that feeling of accomplishment, and this is a language I have always wanted to learn, so I know I will be extra dedicated to it. Which is super important,especially when learning a new language, because you have to be interested in it in order for it to fully stick I think at least.

Anyways though, yes I finished my first week of school, and look I am able to write a blog post about it, yay! I’m not that busy yet, but I have already had homework, I also have to think of an idea for a cut out animation. I struggle sometimes when it comes to ideas, because I want to keep it simple so it can be an easy process, but I always complicate it. That’s just how my brain works, I come up with these great ideas just to find out, I am going to make my life a living hell if I attempt that. Mainly just because I don’t have the time to do something over the top creative. I guess it can be a good thing I think of these things instead of always just simple thing, but then again I think the simple things are good as well. For this situation, I need simple, and for some reason that’s just so hard. I have been searching for ideas, and some have sparked me, but again I just make them more complicated, but eventually I will come up with something! I also have just had my Japanese homework which is awesome though because I have been making sure I am doing it every day so I can continue to remember what I learned. It’s always harder to learn a language when you know you will never use it. I told my boyfriend I wish he would have taken it with me so we can talk to each other, because otherwise how am I going to keep the language if I can’t talk to anyone! So now I have to find a language buddy so I can keep everything I learn. I have met one person at least in my class, and she seems really nice, so for now I will have her but only in class. Maybe we will become a little bit closer or just have each other to talk with. I think she has some people in her family though that can speak Japanese, so luckily she has that, I’ll still have to find someone.

Speaking of Japanese though, it is officially a week from today that we leave for Japan! I will be able to read some of the stuff while I am there, and that is exciting. What’s more exciting is the fact that I will be in a whole other country, and one that I have always wanted to go to! I am so excited to experience the culture, language, food, and beauty, and I just can’t wait. I am wondering if I am ever going to want to leave, but that may be a good sign for me! I am of course nervous as well because it is another country, where I barely know the language, so it will definitely be an adventure. That’s what makes it exciting though, not knowing anything and just guessing! Figuring out the trains and everything else will be interesting, but there will be so many awesome sites to see, and it will be crazy to think I am in a different country and different time zone. We also have a layover in China so we get to be there for a little bit to rest and eat before we leave again for our flight to Tokyo, so that will be interesting as well. I am little more nervous for China than Japan, but still that will be awesome as well! Two countries in one is a big accomplishment for me, and I have a feeling this will be the best start off to my traveling adventures. This is totally going to have me wanting to travel more a lot sooner than I am supposed to be. Which may become a problem, but hey, I only have one life and I am going to live it how I want and do as much as I can! There are no time limits on things, and if that’s how life is supposed to work out for me then so be it! I will make sure to update while I am there since I have to bring my laptop for my homework anyway and I will even add pictures!

So that’s my update for now and how my week went and what I am looking forward to. Lets see how this second week of classes are, especially since I will have my new class I just added this week. It will all be good, I like all my classes for far, until I get stressed out and hate everything, but until then lets just enjoy it! Until next time!

Bring On The Youth

To explore is to be youthful.

To have fun is to be youthful.

Even though you may feel old, you can still be youthful.

There are many things that can make someone feel young again, and that is a great feeling.

Any type of hobby anyone might have that brings joy to them is bringing youth into their life again.

I always like to try and keep myself youthful, especially as I am getting older, so I make sure to keep the things that make me happy closest to me.

So don’t look at yourself as old and as someone who has lost their youth, because you will always be youthful despite your age, or even how you may look, as long as you keep happiness in your life.

How Complicated Is It?

Things in life can be complicated. It may feel like it’s impossible, and there is nothing you can do. There will always be something that walks in front of you, stops you where you’re at, and makes it complicated to pass. There will always be challenges to life, but how you get through them is what determines how complicated something really is.